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Hey - I’m João (but it’s fine to call me Joao, especially if the tilde doesn’t exist on your keyboard.) My pronouns are he/him. This is my little garden on the internet.

I currently work as an Engineering Manager for a Fintech company, Primer. If you’re interested in my professional life, you should probably check out my LinkedIn. Sometimes I will post things to this website that relate to my profession, but (hopefully) not too often. There’s much funner stuff for us to bond over.

I am passionate about many things: stories, for instance, in all of their shapes and forms. In another life, I was once a half-decent competitive card game player. Nowadays I play chess sometimes. I have strong opinions about privacy and the Internet.

I am currently working on my debut novel. I write about that, as well as about anything else that comes to my mind. I write when I feel like I have something to say, without a base commitment to posting frequency or subject matter. I can guarantee that, when I write, it will be about something I'm excited or opinionated about. Usually both.

a totally not comprehensive list of things I like

I am also on Mastodon.